Basement Waterproofing Lakewood

Basement Waterproofing Lakewood

Our company Basement Waterproofing Lakewood, is experienced with basement water removal by use of sump pump technologies. We also use top-quality epoxy floor coating products on every job. Sump Pump- Basement Waterproofing Lakewood

A sump pump is used to remove water that has accumulated in a basement basin, and funneling into the basin because of rain or natural ground water. Sump pumps are used where basement flooding happens regularly, and send water away from a house to any place where it is no longer problematic, such as a municipal storm drain or a dry well. A properly installed pump activates automatically as its pit begins to fill with water, and should be equipped with a warning device that signals when the pump isn’t working.

Epoxy Floor Coating Epoxy paint is a finish material used in homes and commercial buildings, and is used primarily as a floor covering. This material forms a hard, shiny surface upon application, and is popular in garages and showroom floors due to its strength and resistance to damage. Like all epoxy products, it is a two-part system, composed of both a resin and a hardener, with color added to provide the desired finish.

Basement Wall Parging- Basement Waterproofing Lakewood Parging involves applying a thin coat of a cement or polymeric mortar to concrete or masonry to refine the surface. Usually, a parge coat is up to a half inch in thickness. It’s laid atop of wire lath, which is nailed over the old stone basement walls. This will give the wall strength. The intent is to create a joined surface by filling air voids, to level a surface, or to prep a surface for a protective coating. Parging with cement or stucco is a low-cost alternative to repointing, and provides structural cohesiveness to masonry walls whose mortar has begun to fall apart.

CONCRETE RESURFACING- Basement Waterproofing Lakewood Concrete resurfacing is an easier and cheaper way to fix your deteriorating Driveways,Pavements,Patios,Sidewalks,pool decks, walkways, and slabs. Sahara Waterproofing will fix the cracks, holes, and fissures with a Polymer repair cement. Then we will apply a full coat of polymer concrete resurfacing material over the entire surface.