Flooded Basements Cleveland

Flooded Basements Cleveland

For over 60 years, the name Flooded Basements Cleveland has been synonymous with quality basement waterproofing at an affordable price. We are not carpenters, exterminators, roofers, or have any other sidelines. We specialize in one thing and one thing only… Flooded Basements Cleveland

We are wholly owned and operated, never subcontract work regardless of how busy we are, and we carry general liability and workman’s compensation insurance with higher limits than required by law for your protection. We offer free basement inspections by experienced professionals in Flooded Basements Cleveland and drainage systems.

These points are important because, while the uninsured, unlicensed contractor may charge a lower (or higher) price, they aren’t committed enough to their business to invest in it properly and, as a result, aren’t likely to be motivated to do a good job.

In addition, since they don’t take their business seriously enough to be licensed or insured and employ their own people, they may not intend to be around very long. Not a good prospect if anything should go wrong down the road. Many of our employees have been with us for 20+ years, which gives us the ability to say we have “Hundreds of Years of Experience” in Flooded Basements Cleveland.

Contact Us for a free basement inspection before you remodel your basement or if you have a musty, damp, leaky or wet basement.