Pre-Purchase Inspections

Are you considering purchasing a vehicle? We specialize in classic, antique, street rod, collectors, low riders, old school, high-performance drag, Indy cars, heavy and light duty trucks, rigs, semi tractors/trailers, and construction equipment. AutoAppraisalPro can help you make an informed decision to avoid the potential of an emotional and/or financial disaster. You can now purchase with confidence anywhere because we are your eyes and ears. AutoAppraisalPro can assist you with a pre- purchase inspection on any type of vehicle, transportation, or equipment.

Pre-purchase Inspection Services Include:

  • Consultation with the AutoAppraisalPro inspectors, technicians, or consultants before and after the inspection.
  • An extensive inspection condition report documenting the condition and originality of the vehicle you wish to purchase, including road test results.
  • Our pre-purchase vehicle inspection report includes VIN decoding (if available) at no extra charge.
  • You will receive digital images of the vehicle or equipment providing first hand evidence of the condition, inside and out. All copies of pertinent documents and/or information made available by owner will be forwarded to client.
  • The valuation inspectors, technicians, or consultants will be available to answer questions about the car’s condition.
  • The pre-purchase inspection report and photos will be e-mailed to you for review and download on your computer.
  • Our auto appraisal service includes a current market value consultation about the vehicle or equipment after we have done research and analysis of the current vehicle or equipment market.
  • Most pre-purchase inspections are scheduled within 2-3 business days.
  • If you decide to purchase the subject property, we can provide a creditable valuation/appraisal report to document condition and value for an additional $150. This auto valuation/appraisal report may be used for insurance coverage or lending requirements.
  • AutoAppraisalPro remains objective and disassociated with the equations because we never buy, sell or broker automobiles. Your interest and objectivity is our only mission. We measure up to the industry standard for providing prompt, credible, meaningful, and non-misleading opinions of vehicle and equipment valuation/appraisals that withstand industry scrutiny.