Sewer Specialist Lakewood

Sewer Specialist Lakewood

Sewer Specialist Lakewood – Customer Satisfaction – We’ve many available references you may call and testimonials you may read from satisfied customers all over. We’ve also got an A rating on Angie’s List, an A rating with the BBB, and we’ve never had a complaint with consumer affairs.

Backed By Research – Unlike other companies who depend on a steady flow of brand-new, “patented products”our systems are not something we made up in order to make a quick sale. They are designed by industry experts and backed by decades of research.

Customized Solutions – We don’t believe in “one-size-fits-all” systems. This is why we employ a variety of solutions and often combine them in order to ensure that your basement stays dry no matter what.

How much does basement waterproofing cost?

When it comes to wet basement waterproofing solutions, the effectiveness of a solution is not always a simple matter of the amount of money spent. While the cost of waterproofing a basement does depend on the method employed, some of the more expensive methods are not as effective as the simpler, more fool-proof systems.

Over the course of the last century, the French drain has proven itself as the most effective, efficient and affordable way to waterproof a basement.Although many basement waterproofing companies offer “patented”versions, they are all variations on the French drain. For more information on the French drain, visit our French drain page.

In most cases, we recommend to our customers that they include a sump pump aspart of their drainage system. When the French drain fills up with water,this water will flow into the sump where it can be safely pumped out ofthe home.

In addition to French drains and sump pumps, the Sewer Specialist Lakewood also offersa variety of other wet basement solutions that can be tailored to suit theindividual needs of you and your family. At first, it may seem like thebest option is to simply seal up the basement so that water cannot enter.This can be problematic, however, because water will always find some otherway of entering the house. If you seal up one crack, more often than notyou’ll end up with a new leak in a place that never had a leak beforesince the water has to go somewhere.

Sewer Specialist Lakewood – Sometimes it is appropriate to dig out the foundation from the outside and seal the foundation walls by applying a tar-like basement waterproofing membrane to the walls. Like sealing a crack, however, this can often cause more problems than it solves. By digging out the soil, you are weakening the natural protective barrier around your foundation wall. Keep in mind that this soil has been sitting next to your home’s foundation for the entire life of the structure. No matter how well you attempt to compact the soil after the excavation, it is nearly impossible to mimic decades of settling. The area that has been excavated will now become a weak spot where water will sit, searching for a way of entering your basement.

The French drain, on the other hand, is virtually fool-proof. It will deal with water no matter where it comes from. In addition, it is relatively affordable, can be installed with minimal damage to your home or property,and work can often be completed in one or two days.