Sewer Specialist Rocky River

Sewer Specialist Rocky River

A basementwaterproofing company is a lot like a dandelion in a spring meadow. If youfind one, there’s bound to be a few hundred more out there. Because leakybasements occur in a pretty substantial number of homes, the number of listingsunder the heading “basement waterproofing company” in the phone book (or thenumber of search-engine results on the Internet), is pretty high. If you wantedto, you could just close your eyes and point. But trust us. Youdon’t want to do that.

Sewer Specialist Rocky River- So how do youchoose the right basement waterproofing company when there are so many out there? Isn’t it like finding the best honey-roasted peanut in the can? Not really.

There’s a wholelist of criteria you can use to determine whether a basement waterproofingcompany is the right one to work on your home. You can check out their list ofservices. You can ask for customer testimonials. You can get a feel for them bytalking to one of their representatives. And you can see what they charge, andhow they work, by getting a free estimate.

Sewer Specialist Rocky River- (What? No freeestimate? Well, cross that guy off the list.)

So, when you’rechoosing a basement waterproofing company, make a checklist for yourself:

A basement waterproofing company shouldn’t subcontract.

Subcontractorsdistance you from the company you hired to do the work. A company that hires subcontractorsprobably doesn’t have a whole lot invested in interacting with customers – ormaking sure they’re satisfied. Research,research, research!

Google is yourfriend here. Look for testimonials on the web, or reviews of the basementwaterproofing company in question. Sites like Angie’s List offer comprehensive reviews ofall kinds of contractors.

Yourgrandpa was right:Sewer Specialist Rocky River

To get the measure of a man, your grandpa used to say, you got to shake his hand and look in his eye. It’s the same with contractors. See if the company will send a representative over to assess your problem and provide an estimate. This is the time for you to keep your eyes peeled – if you hire this particular contractor, he and his workers will be in your home for several days or weeks. Is that something you want?

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